Project lead: Elad Levintal, Lars Larson



Advances in gas sensors and open-source hardware (e.g., Arduino) are enabling new options for low-cost and light-weight gas sampling devices that are also robust and easy to use and duplicate. In this project, we are developing a complete system for high-accuracy measurements of: temperature, relative humidity, luminosity, and CO2 concentrations. All measurements are logged with a GPS location and time-stamp. The system is assembled from only off-the-shelf products, with a total cost of less than $300. Validation of the system is conducted in a greenhouse.


  • Develop accurate and low-cost sensor package with high spatial resolution for deployment in greenhouses
  • Integrate sensor array with the OPEnS Lab HyperRail for flexible data acquisition
  • Port code to smaller, more efficient platform such as the Arduino Feather



The figure above shows time series results from a five-day deployment in an OSU greenhouse.  Temperature, RH, and Luminosity trends match expectations following the diurnal cycle.  This graph highlights problematic temperature dependence of the O2 sensor, requiring further investigation.  Diurnal oscillations in CO2 due to photosynthesis are below the tolerance of this sensor (± 30 ppm ± 3 % of measured values) and therefore cannot be detected in this model.  Deployment in a greenhouse with higher plant density, such as commercial vegetable production, would render more relevant CO2 results.  


The eGreenhouse sensor array will be ported to a smaller, more efficient and light-weight chip such as the Adafruit Feather.  The package will be integrated with the OPEnS Lab HyperRail to allow for mobile data acquisition that moves around a greenhouse and communicates back to the hub.  


CO2 sensor, O2 sensor, greenhouse monitoring



co2-sensor-arduino-wireless 2.jpg


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