Low and slow

Why go slow? We need to take pictures at very slow speeds and at a continuous rate using a hyperspectral camera! With the old electronics board, this was not possible, but the new one works amazing!

Designing Base for Camera System

The post will describe the pole attachment that needs to be created in order to place the Hyperspectral camera on the tripod. Design considerations are expressed and ideas are developed from them to come up with a functional design.

Integrating Electronics With 3D Printed Parts

This blog post is an update on the state of the HyperPole. It shows a video in which it shows that electronics and 3D printed parts are now being assembled and tested. A major problem is pointed out in the video. 

3D Printed Hyperspectral Camera Mount

This blog post displays the first assembly of the 3D printed pieces along with the motor. It also describes the how the assembly is put together and their function as individual pieces. 

Hyperspectral Camera Pole Mount

This post is intended to show the initial designs and CAD renderings of the HyperPole project. It explains the pieces of the rotating mechanism and connection to other pieces.