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25 meter HypeRail + eGreenhouse

25 meter HypeRail + eGreenhouse

The HyperRail was modified to be used with the eGreenhouse, a sensor suite for real-time greenhouse monitoring. The system is about 25.5 meters long and is located in the Northwest Research Extension Center in Wilsonville, OR.

As light as a Feather

We are trying to improve the capabilities of the HyperRail to have wireless communication with other sensors, and in order to do that we needed to upgrade the microcontroller. I've tested the Feather M0 LoRa with the HyperRail and it works. This post is a summary of the testing that happened to get the system working. 

HyperRail First Run

We took our first set of data of the pine seedlings using the HyperRail and hyperspectral camera. This post will be a summary of our setup for the data collection. 

GUI or CLI for the HyperRail 🤔... why not both?

The HyperRail is currently being controlled by the Arduino's command line interface or CLI. But it is quite the process to change some parameters and restart the program; this whole process is not user-friendly especially if you have never used the Arduino IDE or have any coding experience. To make it easier to use I created a graphical user interface or GUI. 

3 Meters of HyperRail!

After modifying the HyperRail's winding system, I was able to get the line driving the carriage assembly to not wind up on itself. This used to cause the system to have very choppy movements, but now it works fine. I still need to do some testing for any slipping, but that will come next. I also fixed the deflection problem that we initially had by changing the distance between the supports. So now it should work with any length of aluminum extrusion.