The buzz of activity in the OPEnS lab is about to get louder.

We've added a new undergraduate researcher, Thomas DeBell, to the OPEnS Lab! He'll be working on getting OPEnS electronics to talk with your cell phone and sensors that send status updates to your email as part of the OPEnS Internet of Agriculture project. This work is generously funded through a competitive OSU College of Ag Sciences Beginning Researcher Support Program. We're delighted to have him join our team!

There will also be up to 30 students soldering away and new circuits as part of the BEE 222 "Ecological Engineering Computation" course co-taught by Drs John Bolte and and Chet Udell. To this end, we've added 5 new Weller WES51 analog soldering stations.

Finally, we've been designing several custom PCBs lately and need a way to shape these to specification, so we've also added a sleek PCB cutter, which essentially looks like a paper cutter amplified to an extreme level. It's fun to use!