OPEnS seeks to be an international leader in the area of environmental sensing. Here's what we're looking for:

We consider the following requirements in project proposals:

  1. We welcome all proposals in the broad scope of Environmental Sensing.

  2. The project must be intended ultimately for scholarly publication

  3. Designs, hardware, and code must be openly available through our GitHub and other portals.

  4. If you're uncertain if your project fits the scope, submit anyway!

Click the button below to fill out and submit your proposal to us. Once received, it is reviewed for fulfillment of criteria and feasibility. You'll be contacted directly with further instructions.

Consults VS Collaborations

We offer in-person and web-based (Skype, WebEX) consultations and whiteboard sessions. For durations up to about 3 net hours, we ask for acknowledgement in publications directly related to our consult. For durations of 8 or more hours, we consider this more a formal project collaboration and would be obliged, if published, to be listed as coauthors. You may request this on the below submission form.

Our Project Life Cycle

Project Timeline

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