First, schedule a Lab Usage and Safety Orientation to become a Registered User @ OPEnS!

You may schedule time to work in the OPEnS lab by clicking the photo of the device you wish to use below and following the prompts.


  • TAZ 3D printing: $0.10/ gram ABS

  • Fusion 3D printing: $0.50/ gram ABS

  • Form Labs 3D printing: $0.55 / gram resin

  • Bodor CO2 Laser Cutter Etcher: $27/hr

3D printing procedure:

  • Come in with a STL file.

  • Follow instructions to configure your STL file on our slicer program. This will give you the grams of material used.

  • Scan the QR by the printer you wish to use and input the grams and your ONID or Index number. This will charge the associated account based on the rate above.


  • Purchase and bring your own, LABELED materials. Materials must be labeled and approved by laser operator for use.

  • Also purchase cardboard to prove your cut works before cutting your final material

  • Come in with a DXF file

  • Work with OPEnS Staff to cut and/or etch your material