The printing of this piece has been a bit tough. The main problem has been that the printer's nozzle becomes loose midway through the print, we are currently working on fixing that. The piece itself is printing quite well; I'm only testing the threaded sections of the sampler. One thing to note is that we are currently printing with PLA, we don't have ABS at this moment. Using PLA facilitates the printing of our pieces but it is not suitable for engineering purposes, so as soon as we get ABS we will switch over and see how the printing goes. 

The piece does show an increase of structural strength on the threaded section. I tried breaking the piece, which didn't take too much strength on previous versions, but it didn't give in.  The next thing to do is to print using ABS and see if the results are comparable to the PLA prints.

Here is a link to the corresponding video with a visual explanation: