Dr. Selker (Left), principle investigator for the OPEnS lab, OSU distinguished professor of Biological and Ecological Engineering, and co-Director of both CTEMPs.org and TAHMO.org. His areas of expertise include soil hydrology, environmental monitoring, mechanical, analog and digital electronic design. Dr. Selker has been a professor in the department of Biological and Ecological Engineering at Oregon State University for 26 years focused on Water Resources Engineering, publishing more than 175 peer-reviewed articles.

Dr. Udell, OSU assistant professor of Biological and Ecological Engineering and Director of the OPEnS Lab. He received his PhD from the University of Florida in Music Composition and Electrical Engineering. He is Inventor of U.S. and international patents on wireless sensor technology and data protocols and CEO of a technology startup company.

Manuel Lopez is a current third year student majoring in electrical engineering at Oregon State University. He is from Hillsboro, OR and attended Liberty high school. One of his hobbies is to play the guitar, he has been playing since he was six years old. He also likes to travel and is traveling to Mexico this summer.

Mitch Nelke is a current third year student majoring in Mechanical Engineering. He is from West Linn, OR and attended West Linn High School. He competed in high school FRC and has interned at 3D Systems, and his hobbies include 3D Printing and camping/traveling.

Thomas DeBell is a third year student in Ecological Engineering pursing a minor in Chemistry with an emphasis on electronics, and is a recipient of the Beginning Researchers Support Program funding.


OPEnS is delighted to be working with the following student research awardees:


Brett Stoddard is majoring in electrical and computer engineering with a focus on analog systems and plans to minor in physics. URSA Engage and DeLoach Honors College Work Scholarship Recipient.

Marissa Kwon is a sophomore in the pre-Electrical/Computer Engineering track and URSA Engage program recipient.

Miranda Nelson is a third year student majoring in Ecological Engineering and minoring in Biology and a participant in the Beginning Researchers Support Program through the College of Agriculture. Areas of interest within her major include sustainable agriculture and water resources. In her free time, she enjoys being outdoors, backpacking, hiking, and gardening.

 Lars Larson is an Ecological Engineering major with an emphasis on water resources and river design.  He grew up in a cabin in the woods in Colorado, studied holistic nutrition, enjoys rock climbing and weight lifting, and plays heavy metal drums and acoustic guitar.